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MDT Case Review









A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) is a group of professionals who represent various disciplines and work collaboratively from the point of the report to assure the most effective coordinated response for every child.  The purpose of the inter-agency collaboration is to coordinate intervention so as to reduce potential trauma to children and families and improve services while preserving and respecting the rights and obligations of each agency to pursue their respective mandates.  The collaborative response begins with case initiation and is promoted through understanding and exploring case issues.  Insight from each representative provides the environment for a coordinated, comprehensive, compassionate, and professional response.  MDT case reviews, particularly when provided in a child-focused CAC setting, are associated with less anxiety, fewer interviews, increased support, and more appropriate and timely referrals for needed services.

MDT Team

The MDT team includes a representative from the following:

  • Law Enforcement:  Mineral Wells Police Department and Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Office

  • Child Protective Investigations (CPI) Palo Pinto County

  • Prosecution:  Palo Pinto County District Attorney and Palo Pinto County Attorney

  • Medical: Cook Children's Hospital, CARE Team

  • Mental Health

  • Palo Pinto County Juvenile Justice Department

  • Children's Alliance Center Staff

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