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Community Awareness

Children's Alliance Center for Palo Pinto County is committed to providing high quality prevention education and awareness programs in our community.  All of our educational and community outreach is designed to empower adult and children to prevent child abuse and neglect.  We believe that through education on prevention, we can raise awareness of the issue of child abuse and lessen the number of victims within our county.  

We provide the following educational programs free of charge:  

  • Recognize and Reporting

  • Play It Safe 

    • Pre-K - Tick Tock Plays It Safe!​

    • Kindergarten - Tick Tock & The Twins

    • 1st Grade - Mae Shares A Secret 

    • 2nd Grade - Bentley's Big Production

    • 3rd Grade - Vat Vould You Do?

    • 4th Grade - Chase Steps Up

    • 5th Grade - Aiden's Discovery

    • 6th Grade - Survivors

    • 5th and 6th Grade - It's Harassment!

    • Middle School - Relationships: Paint Them Healthy

    • Middle School - Sexting & Cyberbullying: Can't Take It Back

    • Middle School - An Abuse of Power

    • High School - It's Called Rape

    • High School - Abusive Relationships: Seeing the Signs

  • A Day In The Life of a CAC

  • Detecting Abuse, Neglect, and Trafficking

  • Dating, Consent and Sexting

  • School Board and Teacher Mandated Reporting

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