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At Cook Children's, the Child Advocacy Resources and Evaluation (CARE) Team is dedicated to creating a safer, healthier community for all children they serve, and that includes providing the care, support, and tools to bring an end to child abuse. 

What Do They Do.....  They provide medical and forensic evaluations, sexual abuse screening examinations, psychosocial assessments and preventive education. Most CARE Team examinations
are requested by law enforcement agencies, Child Protective Services or primary care physicians. Their sexual abuse screening exam includes a medical interview, a physical examination and collection of forensic and laboratory samples as needed. A physician, pediatric nurse practitioner or registered nurse performs the physical exam.

CAC Partnership.....  All children who are suspected victims of child abuse should be assessed to determine the need for medical evaluation.  A medical evaluation holds an important place in the multidisciplinary assessment of child abuse.  An accurate history is essential in making the medical diagnosis and determining appropriate treatment of child abuse. Cook's CARE Teams plays a large role in this endeavor. 

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